Piet Jacobs

Foreman: Mr Piet Jacobs has been in the employ of Kammarieb Private Reserve since the beginning of 2011.  As foreman Piet is responsible for all aspects of managing and monitoring the game in Kammarieb.  This includes monitoring the quality and integrity of the fences, monitoring and assessing the browse and graze capacity of the veld and keeping tally of game numbers, deaths and births.  In addition to this, Piet is responsible for maintenance of the roads, vehicles, water supply infrastructure as well as the lodge.  Piet has a thorough knowledge of the veld and the behaviour patterns of the animals in Kammarieb.  Piet also has a wonderful ability to track the movement of selected animals through reading the “spoor”.  

Lena Jacobs

Hospitality assistant: Mrs Lena Jacobs (wife of Piet Jacobs) is the hospitality assistant on Kammarieb Private Reserve.  Lena is responsible for cleaning and washing and to ensure that all needs of our guests are taken care of.

Foreman’s assistant: Mr Hermaans Pieterse joined the Kammarieb team at the beginning of 2015.

The team

The Kammarieb team

Billy Masemula.jpg

Master builder: There is virtually not a single structure in the Kammarieb Private Reserve that has not been built by Mr Billy Masemula.  Billy Masemula is an independent construction contractor resident in Pretoria and his association with the owners dates back from the 1990’s.  In early 2000, after the farm was bought by the current owners, Billy and two of his assistants pitched a tent on Kammarieb and started building.  Since then there have been few years that Billy has not been busy building something on Kammarieb.  The first structure constructed was the generator room - still used today to house the power system.  Then followed the foundation walls of the chalets and main unit and then the construction of the units themselves.  In later years followed the outbuildings, the ablution of the tented camp, the abbatoir, forman’s residence and assitant’s residence. 

In 2014, after the devastation of the fire of 2013, Billy was again contracted to undertake the redevelopment of the chalets and main unit.  

The quality of Billy’s construction work (whether stone or brick) is remarkable given the difficult circumstances under which all construction work has been conducted.  This ranges from the difficult terrain, lack of suitable building materials in the region, lack of building support in the region (such as equipment hire) and even the (sometimes) extreme weather patterns of the Karoo.