Piet Jacobs

Foreman: Mr Piet Jacobs has been in the employ of Kammarieb Private Reserve since the beginning of 2011.  As foreman Piet is responsible for all aspects of managing and monitoring the game in Kammarieb.  This includes monitoring the quality and integrity of the fences, monitoring and assessing the browse and graze capacity of the veld and keeping tally of game numbers, deaths and births.  In addition to this, Piet is responsible for maintenance of the roads, vehicles, water supply infrastructure as well as the lodge.  Piet has a thorough knowledge of the veld and the behaviour patterns of the animals in Kammarieb.  Piet also has a wonderful ability to track the movement of selected animals through reading the “spoor”.  

Lena Jacobs

Hospitality assistant: Mrs Lena Jacobs (wife of Piet Jacobs) is the hospitality assistant on Kammarieb Private Reserve.  Lena is responsible for cleaning and washing and to ensure that all needs of our guests are taken care of.